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Jobs Opportunities and Affiliates Programs

Work with us
We are looking for customer service oriented skills individuals to assist our potential and existing customers with our ground transportation services. Professional drive and responsibility in every day activity, communication skills and adjusting to company's high standards for courteous and efficacious customer service.
House drivers
Our drivers are carefully selected to represent NSA Limousine services at its best. Finding the right team of house drivers is a key element in providing best car service to our customers. That's why we continuously train and monitor our drivers' activity while on duty, ensuring the competitive ground transportation services our customers expect.
Owner Operators
You've got the experience and the vehicle that our customers would love taking for a ride? You may be eligible to become part of our team of owner operators. Our company looks for professional, dependable, clean driver's license and fully insured chauffeurs. Apply today.
Organizational skills, problem solving skills and efficient crise management are the main features that describe our dispatchers. Plus good communication and team player skills are a must to ensure communication between passengers and drivers.
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Sales Person
We are looking for experienced web designers with the skills to help promote our transportation company online. A different touch, ability to bring to our online look what we are missing is exactly what we are looking for.
Web design
All our business partners are selected based on criteria that meet our standards of professional integrity and customer satisfaction. All affiliates we choose to represent NSA must maintain all state and federal permits and licenses required to operate safely.
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Toll Free - (866) 257-5341
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